From Our Readers: You Are Your Own Queen

You are your own queen and you don't need a king to be one.
by Mickey G.   |  Dec 16, 2016
PHOTO Elisse Joson | ART Naomi Torrecampo
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"She is her own queen and she doesn't need a king to be one."

It used to be a seemingly perfect story of royalties when you were living with your king, ruling the empire, building your own majestic plans, and writing the wonderful pages of story together. It was all about the butterflies, the smiles, and the golden moments which made your relationship continuously grow lush and abundant like a healthy plant. You held his hands during tough times and he holds yours, too. During the difficult times, just one look at him and you'd know that you'll get through them. He treats you like the queen you are. He became your rock, inspiration, buddy, partner, protector, best friend, and lover all rolled into one. He is amazing. You must be thankful to the heavens above how sublime it is to have guy like him by your side.

It was supposed to be a fairy tale. But slowly, your relationship crumbled. You wanted to fight, but he decided to take flight and leave you. You wanted him to stay, but he left you anyway. What an irresponsible and coward king. You had no choice. You don't deserve a person like that in your life.

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After waiting and hoping, you're still stuck to that idea that the love he feels for you is enough to lead his steps back to the castle. But you saw him one day with another queen, happily building their own castle together. He acts like you've never been a part of his life.

Here you are now. There's a void in your heart that has to be filled hence, you tried to find a replacement but after few tries you realized that it just doesn't work that way. You are desperate to find happiness and love from others that you don't even realize you're better alone, too.

You don't need a king to define you and make you complete. Your time being single will introduce you to a whole different perspective. You will still miss having someone beside you. The past is not easily forgotten after all, but you'll just learn how to live with these semi-permanent scars. Little by little, you'll get by.


Slowly, you will learn how to appreciate all the things you took for granted. Remember, it's not an easy journey. In fact, there are times when you will feel like you're at the lowest of lows to the point of deeming your existence worthless. There are moments when no wise word could stop the bleeding, even these words I am currently writing won't. You will also suffer from apathy, bitterness, depression, and lack of self-esteem. But always remember to never ever let these thoughts poison your mind.

When it gets tougher, remember that that just means that you're closer to getting to where you're supposed to be.

If a familiar memory triggers a nostalgia, remember that crying will lessen the pain. You can cry but never call that pool of tears your home. Time heals. It's just a matter of perspective. You'll get used to it. Feel the pain until it hurts no more. It's a process, a long winding process. You will get past the broken state with the help of your friends and family and most importantly, God. Never wait for someone else to pick up your broken fragments. The only person you need to get yourself up from the quicksand is you.


The throne is now all yours, so reign the world despite the absence of a king. This situation will give you more opportunities to grow as an individual. This is a pefect time for self-discovery, for soul-searching, and for self-worth. 

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