From Our Readers: Why Women Find Comfort in Makeup

Have you stared at the mirror and never liked the person looking back at you?
by Charmaine Kaiser   |  Apr 8, 2017
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Those pimples never went away. Don't you hate it more when people tell you that maybe it's because of makeup? If they only knew that we would never do anything to make it worst. It's even more painful when the more we try to cure it, the less it heals.

How many times have they told us to not to touch or look at it? Because if we do, it will onlyget worst. I don't think they understand that we try not to look at the mirror just so we could forget, even just for a second, that we don't have acne, huge pores, an oily face, and pimple scars.

What's even harder is when guys think we put on makeup to impress them. No, just no. That will never happen because what we do with our face is our business—makeup and everything we do with it—we do for ourselves. We put on makeup because it can cover up the imperfections we are learning to love. We all know it's temporary but I think that's the beauty of it.


What's even harder is when guys think we put on makeup to impress them. No, just no.

At the end of the day, when we get home and remove our makeup, we're reminded of what's real. We put on makeup because those medicines and treatments only get us hoping for nothing. Out of all the relationships, the love and relationship we have with ourselves is what matters most and it's so funny how one (or a hundred!) pimple, affects our self-confidence. Trust me, not one girl would want that.

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So let's start with the foundation, even though for once, we would like to know what's it like to wake up early for school and never worry about covering the pimples on our face and still look flawless. Let's move on with the concealer, because for once we'd like to see our faces without the marks, the redness, the dry flakes, the bumps. Now let's work on a "no makeup" makeup look. It might seem so simple, but know that it still takes a lot of time.


Is it so hard to be the girl that everyone sees as the girl she is? Bare and exposing her real face without hesitations? Yes, we know we can't please everyone, but anxiety kicks in and you just feel bad about everything. For once, we'd like to feel that being beautiful is never having to pay a huge amount of cash.

So many walls were built up so high that being beautiful has a very different meaning now. Everyone became a book who gets judged by their cover.

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