From Our Readers: Why Am I Still Single?

I am single, because I can be single.
by Vic Macam   |  Aug 12, 2016
PHOTO Lily Collins | ART Clare Magno
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Single, adj. Not having or including another; only one. 

Most of the time, I see two people inside the jeepney, huddled together as if they're the only people inside the vehicle. I see an old couple holding hands while walking in the park. Oftentimes, I see couples, whose are probably younger than me proclaiming their love for each other on Facebook. Every Valentine's Day, people seem so happy and in love as they walk along the sidewalks, and the malls. I cringe and ask myself, "Why am I single?" 

Why do I wake up every single day without any good morning message? Why do I eat without anyone telling me to never skip a meal because I mean something to them? Why is my mobile phone so useless when I'm at home? Why do I need to watch a romantic movie alone? Why do I sleep every night without receiving long and cheesy good night messages? Why have I never experienced any romantic gesture? And again, it still goes back to the question I ask myself after I carefully look at my reflection in the mirror every day, "Why am I single?" 


After the many times I've asked myself, I finally know the answer.

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I am single, because I can be single. 

I can wake up every single day without any good morning messages. I can eat my meals with or without my parents telling me to never skip a meal because I mean so much to them. I can leave my cellular phone useless at home because I live in the same roof with my frequent textmates. I can watch a romantic movie alone, but it's much, much better to watch it with my friends so we can altogether share our hugot lines. I can sleep every night knowing that I am loved—by my friends, my family, and God. I have lived for 18 years without experiencing romantic gestures from the opposite gender, and I have lived my life well.

I am 18, single, but never alone. I am 18, single, and treasured—by my friends, my family and most importantly, by the loving God.


I am a strong, independent woman, with all the love in the world.

And I am single because I can be single.

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