From Our Readers: When You're Too Afraid to Take a Chance

The real enemy is you.
by JMPB   |  May 13, 2016
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You say it's love. You say it hurts so much.
But could it really be love when all you've done from the start is feel afraid?
The fear of ending up hurt never left your mind. It made you vicious.
The fear crept towards your heart until it became cruel.

It taught you to strike back, to strike first.
It didn't give him a chance.
It didn't give anyone a chance.
You learned to strike before anyone had the chance to hurt you—even if they never really had the intention to.
They recoil from your poison and you wonder why they leave.
It hurts when they leave.
Until it doesn't anymore.

Everything becomes a monotone of broken hearts.
Not yours. Never yours.
You've taught yourself well.
Until one person comes and brings you back to life.
But you're afraid. Again.
He makes you laugh and smile and hope and want to be in love.
But you fight it.
You are afraid.
You drive him away even though he wants to stay.
You give him no choice.
Things are falling, falling apart.
Tears are falling from your eyes.
They fall as you watch his reluctant retreat.
You scream but no sound leaves your lips.

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You say it's love. You say it hurts so much.
But you didn't do anything.
You were too afraid.

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