From Our Readers: When the Past Year Feels Like a Nightmare

You turned my optimism into pessimism.
by MVAM   |  Jan 15, 2017
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2016, you've been the toughest year for me. I can say that you've been a rollercoaster ride, that left a mark, and I assure you that I won't forget. You've brought me to a point where I asked myself if I'm still the same person as I was in the past. I started to doubt my capabilities, my self-esteem. The trust I had for myself was gone.

You've brought me to a point where I lost hope. You've made me feel that every time I feel down, it seems that the universe conspires to make me feel worse. You made me question myself if I'm still in the right path or if I'm already lost.

I also lost the job that I thought was really meant for me. I lost the dreams that I used to imagine two year ago that I'm going to achieve something last year. I lost a loved one. I lost all the hope that I had. I lost the old me, the one who was always confident and was not afraid of trying new things. I lost the positivity that I used to share with the people around me.


You turned my optimism into pessimism.

Despite of this quarter life crisis, the friends that turned to strangers, the lost hopes, I owe you a thank you, 2016. Thank you for making me stronger, for making me believe that God would not give anything to us if we cannot handle it. Thank you for all the life lessons I learned. Thank you for all the mistakes I've committed that helped me become a better person.

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Thank you for making me realize that it was never too late.

Never too late to try new things. Never too late to chase a new job. Never too late to build myself again. Never too late to leave and explore new places I have never seen. Never too late to meet new people who might become a part of my life forever.

This 2017, I promise to love and take care of myself better. I promise to spend more time with my loved ones. I promise to do the best I can to achieve what I really want. I promise that I will never get too emotional, not even desperate, whenever something happens and things don't go my way. I promise that instead of turning a problem into another problem, I'll figure out a solution instead. I promise that I will never be afraid to grab any opportunity as long as I know that it would help me become better. I promise that I will give up all my insecurities and fears. I promise that I will open doors and welcome new people who are willing to give the love that I truly deserve.


Lastly, I promise to always put God at the center of my life. There are a lot of days coming. New beginnings, new adventures, and a new life. Cheers to all the people who left, stayed, and will stay for the rest of the year. I am ready for you, 2017.

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