From Our Readers: To the Only Girl in Her Barkada Who Doesn't Have a Boyfriend

For all the girls who feel left out because they are the only ones in the group who don't have boyfriends.
by Mekyla Rose Forbes   |  Dec 25, 2016
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I know you probably feel left out because you are the only one who doesn't have a date every Saturday night. You may feel like you're the ugliest girl in the group because everyone has their Prince Charming. But you are still a damsel—too distressed—waiting for her prince. You may feel a teeny bit of envy towards your girl friends whenever they receive roses, stuffed toys, and chocolates from their boyfriends. You may feel that you're the odd one out because you're the only one who doesn't receive sweet, long messages and answer late night calls from a special someone. You may feel bad because you are the only one who's not kilig because no one makes you feel that way, anyway.

Don't feel bad. Just because your girl friends have love lives does not mean that they're leaving you or that they won't spend time with you anymore.


Remember that they are the best sisters. The laughter, secrets, and fun that you share with each other are priceless and irreplaceable. Being the single one left doesn't make you less pretty. You are beautiful just the way you are. It's just that the universe hasn't found someone yet to pair you with.

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You are a strong independent woman. I know you are preparing yourself to meet the prince whom you will love and who will love you back inspite of your flaws and imperfections. What good is a king if he has no queen, right? Keep on achieving your dreams and reaching your goals as you wait for the right guy. 

So to the only guy in the barkada who still has no girlfriend, you better be a nice guy. Prepare yourself. Your queen is waiting for you. 

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