From Our Readers: To the Girl Who'll Love Him After Me

From the girl who wanted to take care of him, but wasn't given the chance.
by Jannel Oliveros   |  Jun 5, 2016
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You must be very blessed. You are blessed with a man with a good heart. He's humble and simple, everything a woman could ever ask for. I know he'll be good for you and to you. He's going to be the best boyfriend, an ideal partner in life. He's The One.

Once you have him, hold him tight and never, ever let him go. That will be the best decision of your life. Please love him with all your heart. He will do the same. He always does. His heart is fragile and sensitive, and the only one who can protect it is himself. But he handed it in your hands and entrusted it to you.

Be grateful. Appreciate everything he does; he may seem very appreciative but he never truly knows his worth. Shower him with all your efforts and kindness. He'll easily be touched. He loves the little things, so please take note. Bring him white chocolates, they're his favorite. Surprise him with travel tickets and he'll hug you so tight you can't even breathe, but you'll never want to let go because his embrace always feel like home—safe and comforting. Make his arms your comfort zone, it'll be the best place on Earth. 

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And if he hurts you, don't let go so easily. You don't know how many times you've hurt him yet he remained silent. He's human, he makes mistakes. Just hug him tight and assure him it's going to be okay.

Be his comfort zone, and don't ever let him go. 

Because honestly, I'd give anything to be in your position.

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