From Our Readers: To the Girl Who's Afraid to Take a Chance

Sometimes you have to break the rules.
by Ellie Tan   |  Feb 16, 2017
PHOTO Lily Collins | ART Clare Magno
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You don't need to follow what society dictates all the time.

You always give in to how other people think you're supposed to live your life. You often incline yourself to the barriers and walls that dictate your very existence. You tend to forget that you have freedom. You chose to live life inside cages and chambers and halls of limitations because you believe that what others do are always right. In all of this circumstances, as you live and go to places and encounter people from all walks of life, and try to exist in this dreamy land, the sad truth is before you: Society has no absolute rules.

Rules serve as basis for procedure and are essential in maintaning the course of action among people. It is an established set of guidelines that have long been written in books and papers even before society has completely evloved to what it is today. For this reason, it is inculcated in your mind that if you break the rules and challenge how things are usually done, you'll suffer the consequences and feel society's tyranny.


You hesitate to think, behave, and live in a manner contrary to what is customary because you are afraid of looking for new ways, thinking it might be wrong. You definitely are afraid of being different; to be unusual and distinct from the rest of the society. You always conform to standards and avoid doing anything different. You are more likely to be left behind in exploring new things and to be stopped from pursuing your desires.

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Life has rules but you don't need to follow them all the time.

Life has rules but you don't need to follow them all the time. Enjoy liberty by not sticking to all these rules. Live a bold life and don't let rules and restrictions control you and never ever regret doing that. Embrace change and embody the strength and courage to stand out from the many. Go against the current, disagree, and choose the road less traveled. You can dance in your own music, act goofy and all, and stubbornly refuse to fit in.


Feel the thrill. Break some rules and live without limits.

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