From Our Readers: To the Girl Who Ran Away

You are amazing. Not everyone is brave enough.
by Anne Macachor   |  Aug 1, 2016
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Running away comes with a stigma. People shun it. Many look down upon it. Most often than not, it is unwelcomed, suppressed, and muffled. But here's to that girl who decided to pack her bags and leave, or to that someone who left everything. It's okay.

It is okay to run away from people. Toxic relationships are vile and they can taint you. Do not be afraid to flee from a friend who'll willingly stab you no matter how much you care and forgive. Do not be scared to end a relationship with a boy whose hobby is to break your heart. As they say, life is a decision. It is a series of choices. The people you choose to surround yourself with will live an imprint on you. They will teach you lessons which could range from euphoric to heartbreaking. When the relationship becomes too toxic beyond repair and you've done everything that you could, do not be afraid to walk away.


It is okay to run away from hurtful feelings. There comes a point when all you want to do is explode like a grenade. But after the explosion will you remain intact or will everything go crumbling down including yourself? It's okay to move on. It's okay to forgive even when sometimes the person you hand it to did not ask for it nor deserved it. Do not let hurt taint the goodness of your heart. Moving on and letting go is a process. It's a difficult journey but one worth the trip.

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It's okay to forgive even when sometimes the person you hand it to did not ask for it nor deserved it. Do not let hurt taint the goodness of your heart.

It is okay to run away from something you are not passionate about. Many of us do not have the luxury to run after what our hearts truly desire. This can be a talent you'd like to pursue, a passion you'd like to center your career on or a life that you've chosen for yourself and not what others have written and decided for you. Do not be afraid to break the norm. Many people live and die in misery knowing that they did not run after what could have made their lives the most memorable journey they could ever imagine.


Yes, you might fall and that could hurt but doesn't the knowledge that you could have possibly succeeded but never tried hurt equally as much?

There is nothing wrong about running off into the sunrise. It's fine to go off in an adventure and leave your baggage to start anew. It's okay to move on from hurtful feelings and toxic people. You owe it to yourself to be free. You owe it to yourself to live and be happy. If running away is a choice that you're given, remember that not everyone who chooses to stay finds themselves. Sometimes you have to be lost to be found. You need to let go in order to save yourself.

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