From Our Readers: To the Girl No One Ever Had a Crush on

You're not ugly; the whole world just doesn't see your worth.
by Alicia Kat   |  Feb 7, 2017
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To the girl that no one ever had a crush on, you are not ugly.

Sure you may have acne scars, pimples, dark eyebags that won't go away. You may be not be thin enough or fat enough. You may have unruly hair that can never be tamed. You may not have the prettiest features or the most outstanding figure, but you are still you. You are a masterpiece. You are art. And all art is beautiful. 

You are beautiful. Inside and out.

The whole world just doesn't see that you're worth so much more than your looks. You have a genuine smile that can brighten up an entire room. You have a great sense of compassion towards others. You have a great laugh that makes others laugh along with you. You have a way to make everyone in the room happy and vibrant. And you have a heart of gold that no amount of beauty will ever compare to. 


And you have a heart of gold that no amount of beauty will ever compare to. 

Never feel that you are worthless.

Don't let any silly boy's opinion change how beautiful you are and how much of a person you are worth. Because they're foolish and blind. They're all foolish to realize that you're an amazing young woman with so much potential. They're too foolish to look past your outer core and understand the person within. And maybe they're all just so blind on how all your flaws make you look beautiful because of stereotyping. 

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But your beauty is just as amazing as any other stereotypical girl.


You were born beautiful in your own way. And mark my words, one day someone is going to unlock that true beauty inside. Someone will look at you with so much love and pride. Someone will wake up next to you in the morning and wonder, "What did I do to wake up next to such a beautiful and amazing girl?" Someone will take you out on dates, buy you flowers, and go to a fastfood resto with you at 1AM for your midnight cravings. Someone will stay up with you until dawn just to hear keep hearing the sound of your voice. It will happen someday. I promise.


But while you wait for that someone, don't let your happiness revolve around how boys think of you. 

Learn to love yourself and accept your flaws. You have a whole life waiting for you full of amazing opportunities. Do things that make you happy. Travel to a new country, write a novel, take some fancy art class with your friends, take food trips with your barkada, or go out and karaoke! Never let your happiness be limited to what others think about you. You have a whole life in front of you that does not involve boys and crushes.

Just be patient and don't rush. Things will come in their own time. Be brave, take risks, and don't let fear hold you back from living your life. Everything will fall into place one day.

And who knows? That day might be tomorrow.

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