From Our Readers: There Is No Deadline in Love

Should you really let love find you?
by Fayexxjanna   |  Nov 6, 2016
PHOTO Emma Roberts | ART Clare Magno
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When love gets in the way, we feel like we're on cloud nine. We forget about the world and just listen to what our hearts are telling us. We feel joy, happiness, a heavy heart that's full of love. We even daydream about it sometimes.

We reach a point where we define love as everything. We imagine love as an essential for us to fully live our lives.

And yet we still have love in the wrong time with the wrong person. We are made to believe that we are significant to them, and yet they actually feel chained whenever we're around. They never hold hands with us because they're afraid of what people would think and yet we still fight for what we think is right and for what we think would make ourselves happy.

In the end, we suffer. We cry ourselves to sleep, we skip meals, and spend the day thinking what went wrong the past few months. Come to think of it, life is not perfect. We are living in a world full of experiences but still we have a lot of lessons we should learn. Maybe today is not our day. Maybe tomorrow, next week, next month, or even next year. We never really know when the right time is. Like what they say, "patience is a virtue" and "true love comes to those who wait." I know heartaches are very painful but it's not just him, that person you used to love, who's worth living for. So we have no choice but to try and cheer up.

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I know heartaches are very painful but it's not just him, that person you used to love, who's worth living for. 

We should not think of love as a need or as a requirement with a deadline. We must know that love is everywhere and that there is that one person out of seven billion people in the world who will know our worth and love us as much as we love them.

Don't find love. Let it find you.

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