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Dream high and fly high, take the risk and take chances this 2017!
by Blissfulmind   |  Jan 22, 2017
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Another year has started and now, we all have our brand new beginnings! This year, let us all reach for our goals and take risks. Yes, I know that sounds cliche but taking a risk is one of the hardest things to do, right? We are all scared of what will happens if we made the wrong choice or if we chose the wrong path?

We have no idea of the future and we have no power to change the past.

But here's the thing: if we know what the future holds and we had the power to change our past, our life will be boring because we already know the outcome of our every move. There will be no thrill in life, no surprises. We all learn from our mistakes, mischiefs, failures. They give our life some thrill, which makes our life colorful. They make us more human, imperfect but survivors.


Can you just imagine if everything was perfect? If humans do not commit any mistake? If we all have the idea to make the right decisions every time? That will be cool but there's no color, no surprise. And without color the world will be boring and dull—and that sucks.

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To all the teenagers out there or to all the people out there, this 2017, let us all be fearless of the future. Let us all take the risk and be open to making mistakes to learn from. Make those mistakes your stepping stones in reaching your goals and aspirations in life. Besides, experience is the best teacher, right? Let us learn from each other's struggles and experiences.

If you wanted something, you did your best but you feel like it still isn't good enough, trust God's timing. Maybe this isn't the right time for you to have that. Learn to be patient because nothing worth having comes easy; it will be more fulfilling if you work hard for it and got it in the time you least expected it.


This 2017, let us all make new friends, get to know other people, and learn from them. If they are not worthy of the friendship, just leave because we still have another journey where we can learn from other people, too. So don't close doors. Along the way, grab opportunities that you will be offered. Open your doors to chances, explore your talents, and follow your heart.

Don't close doors. Along the way, grab opportunities that you will be offered. Open your doors to chances, explore your talents, and follow your heart.

2017 is the year for us to let go all of our fears in life and our What Ifs, cast all our negative vibrations away. This is our year, our year to show the world who we really are and what we're capable of. This is the year for us to be grateful and thankful. Let us all be fearless and brave. Let us show the world who we really are because no one can play the role of us better than us, as what we learned from Die Beautiful.

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