From Our Readers: On Turning 20

You are at the turning point in your life.
by Rosciell   |  Aug 31, 2016
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Right now, you are at the turning point of your life where you're starting to get your chance to achieve your dreams and to attain your goals. Years ago, you imagined yourself earning a diploma, passing the board exam, being a licensed professional, and making your dreams a reality at 20. Imagine how this year can have a major impact in your life. It is crazy to think that this year, you will experience a major transition like leaving the student life, becoming a professional, and working eventually.

I just want you to know that you reached 20 successfully, whether you're able to recognize that or not. You are capable of doing great things. You're growing up right, and you will still grow strong and continue to go to the right path to where you truly belong.

At some point in your life, you will not be sure of yourself. There always comes a time when you'll realize that you are so sensitive, fragile, and emotional. It's fine. Everything is going to be fine. Don't let others get you down by making you feel inferior to them;you are not. Life is hard and it will get harder, but you are strong and you will be stronger.

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Continue to be kind to others even if they're mean to you, to be humble, to be wonderful as you've always been. Live life without regrets, have confidence, conquer your fears, stay happy, value every single thing in life, and always be grateful—to your parents, family, friends, the people that God gave you. Without them you will not be able to do all things that you did amazingly, and without His guidance you will not be able to make it up to this point.

You have been in this wonderful world for two decades now. Enjoy every wonder in life that the world can offer. Continue to set goals and do not stop pursuing them. Be brave and keep going.

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