"My Father Sacrificed Everything for Us"

"A father's sacrifice is not just about coming home with a smile."
by Faith Olpindo   |  Jun 12, 2017
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What is "A Father's Sacrifice" really about? Is it about coming home all smiles even if he was in pain? Is it about coming home without money at all, but he's still able to laugh at the situation? I don't even know the meaning of it is. Not until I realized its own existence in my life.

My father told me once, "Anak, makakaraos rin tayo. Tiis lang." I don't even know why he said that because we don't financial problems. But my guess was that we couldn't pay some fee in school. I heard him tell me, "Ikaw naman, pagtiyagaan mo na." Then I realized something was wrong with me, that something needs to change in me. Money wasn't always the answer but sometimes, it is. 

Money wasn't always the answer but sometimes, it is. 

I never said good things to him. I always resented him and always called him in a rude way. I don't even call him "Papa," but when he came home before my Graduation Day with a bruised forehead, I realized that I was so wrong to not respect him. I ran outside to ease the pain I was feeling because I wanted to cry.

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When he came home that day, he told me, "Anak, nandito na ako." Even if he had a bruise on his forehead, he still talked to me with a smile because he saw me, he saw us, and he's okay with that. I wanted to ask him if he was okay, but I stopped myself because he might tell me that I'm too cheesy. That day made me realize that he is doing everything for me. His age is already good for retirement, but he still choose to work so that he could support us. To see him happy is what I wanted to see more and more each day.

His age is already good for retirement, but he still choose to work so that he could support us.

I would always ask him for money, but this time, it was different. He told me that night infront of my mom, in tears, "Nahihiya ako sa anak mo; wala na akong maibigay." I didn't even think of why I kept asking him for everything. Why did I have to be that way. Starting that day, I treasured every single day with him because someday he will no longer be at my side to make me laugh.


I remember when I was still a child how I promised him that I'd buy him a car and a house. I wanted to fulfill that. I wanted to see my father happy for once. Because of me and because he is proud of me.

Now, I truly understand the meaning of a Father's Sacrifice. It is not just about coming home, smiling amidst the pain. It is about coming home with someone that he can lean on through good and bad times. A Father's Sacrifice is also about us because they raised us for a long time even until we could stand on our own two feet. Most importantly. a Father's Sacrifice is in the way they give and work until their hands bleed just so they can feed their family.

It's a blessing to have someone you call "Papa," "Dad," "Daddy," "Tatay," "Itay," or "Tatang." Let us be proud of them and be thankful that they gave us life and showered us with the things that we need. Let us repay their sacrifice with hugs, kisses, and anything that can make them happy. Even if you are not that kind of person who greets your father this time let us greet them and show them the love. 


A Father's Sacrifice is never ending. A Father's Sacrifice is always right. 

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