From Our Readers: Life's Bigger Picture

I choose to look at the bright side of life.
by Anonymous   |  Jan 13, 2017
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Life is a never-ending battle. One day you find yourself standing up, and then the next day you are brushed again by the storms that keep raging on. Everything seems endless. Imagine being on a boat, in the middle of the sea. You were just finding your balance and then the next day you are swept again. It's a cycle, but that does not mean we have to stay where the storms have brought us. Instead, we have to learn to ride with the waves that drowned us. We have to know what will keep us surfing on to find the shore of peace and hope and love and everything in between that makes life worthwhile.

You were just finding your balance and then the next day you are swept again. It's a cycle, but that does not mean we have to stay where the storms have brought us.

Once you get in the shore, you'll find opportunities waiting ahead of you. All you need is to take a step, one day at a time and move forward. Nothing will happen if you stay where you are and just bury yourself in the sand of your comfort zone. You have to explore and move places. We learn through the experiences we bump into, the people we meet, and the thoughtless mistakes we commit.

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Now imagine yourself living in the bustling city, and you know you're going to survive in there. You have a routine, a system to follow. But please don't settle. Maybe you are living, breathing, but you keep complaining that everything is tiring, exhausting, every single day. That is because you are really barely living. You are barely experiencing more of the things life has to offer. You were just survivng. But you weren't looking at life's bigger picture.

Life is meant to be lived on a nice note. We weren't brought here to just simply exist.

We are here to live and by live I mean do things more than just accomplishing what is must to survive—surviving school, getting a career, having money to pay your own bills. What you think you should have aren't really important when at the end of the day they're the only things you have. We are here to make memories, to not take love for granted, to give it a shot. We are here to find people to share our life and life stories with. We are here not to only to use but deeply cherish every piece of God's creation, to not give up on our dreams because that's one of the things that keeps us. We are here to make our days more than just the ordinary, to make it extraordinary by the simple things life gives us, to experience things more than just our daily routine.


There are problems, difficulties, ups and downs, twists and turns, but we are made bigger and greater and harder because of those things. And we are always in the process of changing into a better version of ourselves, into becoming the inner warrior we have inside us to battle the waves and storms life throws at us.

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