From Our Readers: In Memory of My Barkada

We aren't pictures, and we don't stay in the same place together forever.
by Aria   |  Feb 1, 2017
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If you want to forget someone who has already forgotten you, you have to remember them first.

Remember the sleepless nights. Remember how your mother got mad when she saw the tears you shed over them.

Remember the time they turned their back on you, and remember how it made you think if you're selfish for choosing the desires of your heart instead of believing their opinions.

Remember the days they judged you because of your decisions.

Remember them on your competition. Remember how they flashed those fake smiles and roared their fake cheers when you got on stage.

Remember all the gossips, the false stories they said about you.

Remember them on your birthday. Remember how deep it hurt to face the reality that it is your last celebration with them because they chose not to be there anymore; they chose to be somewhere else, with someone else.

Remember your dream house with them, thinking that it will be all the five of you until the very end.


Remember them when you're lonely, how they promised not to leave you. Remember how they made you laugh with their jokes. But they left. They left.

Remember when you were walking along the corridors with them. You were at the center of the world with them. Now, they decided to treat you like a stranger instead.

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Remember them when you're having a blast with your friends. Remember that this is how they should've made you feel, but they decided to disappear.

Remember them when you're smiling because now, someone truly appreciates you. Remember that they didn't show that they ever did. Remember how they slowly took away that smile from your face. Remember that they chose to make someone happy instead.

Remember them when you want to forget them. Remember all the pain.

Remember how to move on and accept the fact that people come and go. Because we aren't pictures, and we don't stay in the same place together forever.

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