From Our Readers: I'm Sorry, Dad

Once upon a time, I was your baby girl.
by Cristina Corea   |  Aug 26, 2016
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Dear dad,

I just wanted to say tell you that I am sorry. I'm sorry because I could not live up to your expectations. I'm sorry because I could not be like you. I'm sorry because I could not make you proud. I'm sorry for making you hate me more and more each day; I'm sorry for hating you, too. 

Don't worry, I'm fine. I don't want to blame you for not wanting to talk to me. I'm sure you're thinking that I'm a failure and you're regretting that you have someone like me connected to you forever by blood. You must be thinking that you shouldn't be bothered by my existence anymore. But once upon a time, I was your baby girl. 

We were very close when I was younger. We were the best of friends and you were my first love. You taught me everything you know. I miss those times when you used to carry me on your back, and how I loved the fact that I was your favorite daughter. You were my favorite, too, but as I grew older, things changed. Those praises turned into hurtful words. Your smiles became disappointed looks.


I'm sure you miss those times, too. Back then when you thought that I'd be as intelligent as you; I thought that, too. I'm sorry, dad, because it's easier to get into the Honors List in elementary than in college. I'm sorry for writing countless songs about how you broke my heart. I'm sorry for crying my heart out in my room every night because I miss you. I'm sorry for everything and I'm hoping that you're still doing fine. Thank you.

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