From Our Readers: "I Broke One Rule with My Best Friend"

I didn't just fall in love with him.
by Blue Blue   |  Nov 3, 2016
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He is my best friend and I broke the rule. I fell in love with him but that's not the worst part. I fell in love with him when he was in a relationship with my close friend. I thought I could keep it long enough to let the feeling fade but as a best friend, I couldn't lie to him. I confessed a week later and it ruined what we had.

I wasn't broken nor bent. I was just really sad. I regretted that I told him and I was very sorry for his girlfriend because it wasn't just my friendship with him that got messed up but also my friendship with her. We were like sisters and for some time I was hiding the truth from her. I had to. I couldn't hurt her feelings. 

It wasn't just my friendship with him that got messed up but also my friendship with her.


I told my other best friends that I was already in love with him a few years back. But the truth is, I was just jealous. I never knew I'd get this kind of feeling about the fact that he has a girlfriend but it got really weird for me. Maybe it's because I've never seen him in a serious relationship. I stayed away from them but of course it was hard. He was my bestfriend and I didn't mean to feel this way. I was foolish and insensitive.

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A few weeks passed and I was still sad about it. We didn't talk. We ignored each other. But eventully, with the help of our friends, we got the chance to clear things up. It was awkward but it went fine. I told him that the feeling was gone. After that we became best friends again and my friend left him. I wasn't happy about it even though I had feelings for him and thought that was the best way we could happen. Instead, I stayed beside him. He was too upset and it felt like he really needed a shoulder, so I lent him mine.


It was his birthday a few days ago and we were alright. We still argue, like we usually do, but it doesn't last long. We've learned from the past and we don't want that to happen again. Now, telling my friend our story, she told me that maybe my best friend didn't want what happened to him to happen to me—to be hurt or played. I now know he was protecting me from himself.

He didn't want me to love someone who didn't love me back the way I wanted them to. 

He truly is my best friend and I love him for that—to infinity and beyond.

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