From Our Readers: Here's Why You Should Thank the Past Year

Be thankful to 2016.
by The Iron Phantom   |  Jan 7, 2017
PHOTO Chloe Moretz | ART Clare Magno
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Thank you, 2016.

Thank you for the disappointments, issues, stressful moments, and heartbreaks I have been through. Thank you for letting me experience those things that I can learn from and for letting me realize the mistakes that I should not repeat again. Thank you for the sad memories that made me strong and stand up for myself. And for the happy memories which I can treasure in the next years in my life. Thank you for letting me meet people who came and stayed, who'll be with me this year, and also for the people who came and left; it's been an honor having them in my life this year. Thank you for letting me experience stress and hardships in school, in my family, in my friends, in my environment; they made me realize how strong I was to overcome them. Thank you for the discoveries and knowledge that I can use im the following years.


Thank you for the heartbreaks that made me realize how stupid I was for pining for guys who weren't really for me.

2016, I can't thank you enough for letting me experience a journey that's one of a kind; one that I can cherish, learn from, and treasure in my whole life. 2016 is not just another book that was about to close; it is a book that we need to carry along to our next adventures in life so that when the same mistakes and scenarios happen to our loved ones or to the people around us, we can just sit and get back to that book and show everyone how we managed to get through them. We can actually be heroes to others.

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So thank you, 2016. Thank you so much.

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