From Our Readers: Being Single Is Not a Disability

When it really isn't.
by BirdsxDandelions   |  Mar 2, 2017
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I just read an article that I, a single girl, am now considered disabled. Wow, being single is now a disability, apparently. So before I get the privileges of this disability that include discounts on public transportation and comfy seats in public offices, let me tell you the reasons why I stayed single.

First, my heart is not stone-cold or stone-hard. I have a perfectly normal beating heart that falls for someone or something foolishly, and later on gets left alone. I also had my fair share of failed love stories and unrequited love. I also had episodes of bitterness, but I got over it. Why would I force myself on people? I would like to believe that if it's meant for me, then it's mine. All roads will lead him to me. Call me a hopeless romantic, I don't really care.

Second, I always have a fear of staying with someone all the time. Would I be able to stay committed? I have a tendency to easily get tired of the things that I love. Can that someone, the person that I love, keep my attention? Because I have a very short attention span.


Third, being alone for me has been totally okay; not great though but okay. I can live with it. It is normal to long for company but I always liked being alone or having a time of my own and taking control of my schedule.

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Fourth, I have a mean streak that gets so bad. We all have that, but can I live with someone who has it, too? I really don't know. I easily get disappointed by little things that I consider unpleasant. Maybe that's my fifth reason. It all starts with a disgusting thing that he does and everything goes downhill after that.

Sixth, I love fictional characters. Maybe they set my standards unrealistically high. How can you not love those imaginary guys? Dreaming is for free, so let me dream higher than the Empire State.

Seventh, I am not pretty. Who would choose ugly? The advocacy of erasing standardized beauty hasn't been implemented thoroughly. Maybe it takes a procedure or some sort of surgery to change people's standards and perspectives.


Eighth, most of the guys (not all but most) have eyes for fancy things. That includes different girls, as if girls are a special kind of luxury that they need more than one.

And ninth, being single and blessed is a choice. There are times when I don't feel that it is, but I know that it is in fact, a choice. I don't know the minor supporting details of other people regarding this but we all have reasons for our choices. Some will not understand and others luckily will.

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