5 Things Awkward Girls Struggle With When They Have a Crush

To the man who finds me awkward, this might explain why.
by Vidakatrina12   |  Aug 23, 2017
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To the man who finds me awkward, this might explain why.

  1. We blush.

Yes, having natural blush is a good thing, but you will stop appreciating it when you only blush during a conversation with a guy you like. You will definitely want some superhero to just save you from this awkward situation.

  1. Our hearts palpitate.

This is not about those moments when you get butterflies in your stomach. This is about those moments when your heart seems to run wild and your hands begin to sweat. Obviously, it's another thing we just can't control.

  1. The way our eyes sparkle.

When you meet someone you like, you might not notice, but your eyes actually light up. It's that awkward moment when you can't seem to control yourself because the guy you like is an inch away from you. Then your eyes start to give you away because you're delighted to see him.

  1. The weird facial expressions.

That's the moment he's right there, in front of you. You hear him calling you. You turn your head to face him. And you literally try to act normal. You've even rehearsed your facial expressions and reactions to whatever it is you think he'd say. But in the end, your kilig will still reveal everything. Your facial expressions will result in weird facial expressions that will just make the situation more awkward.

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  1. Your unwanted words.

Every awkward girl knows the feeling. That feeling you get when you say something weird when you actually mean something else. You're lucky if they're too preoccupied with something to notice, but most of the time they're not—and you'll end up accidentally confessing of how much you like him instead. *sigh*

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