From Our Readers: A Love Letter for No One—Yet

A love letter intended for someone who belongs to my future.
by Allison   |  May 12, 2016
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You are seventeen hundred and thirty hours. I feel all the excitement with the thought of finally going home after a long tiring day. You are the warm afternoon sun kissing my skin as I walk down a crowded street alone, but not lonely. You are weekend nights spent at home with all the carelessness and freedom in the world, with no makeup on, and wearing nothing but confidence and sheer naked soul.

You are a broken clock telling me to take time to breathe and savor life's sweetness. You are first kiss sending me to the moon because of bliss. You are first passionate touch surpassing the thrill of riding a rollercoaster. And you are first love, need I say more? Because you are stolen kisses and lullabies and whispered wishes.

You are memories buried deep within me that I never want to let go. You are subconscious thoughts that gets me all excited to sleep at night because I know that you'll be appearing in my dreams.


You are a hundred songs that's never for heartbreaks. And you are a thousand words which I couldn't say. You are millions of feelings that gradually unravel and transform into something denser than feelings. I don't know how they're called but they make my heart feel so full just by the sight of your face.

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You are daydream and blank stares as my eyes rest from all the fuss and exhaustion. You are lighthouse and I am a vessel lost in a nameless ocean. You are beaches and summer skies, river, falls and hot springs. Your presence feels like vacation in a tranquil and hidden paradise.

You are safety box, my comfort zone. But at the same time, you are the adventure and risk that I'd never think twice to take. You are deep late night conversations that expose all the deep chambers of my heart. You are early morning phone calls and the chirping of birds in the trees. You are heartfelt midday sun waking me up from the hammock where I fell asleep.


And you are the clouds and constellations—my favorite heavenly bodies. You are love poems that I finally remembered to write after years of forgetting to write about happy things.

You are a budding rose and a morning dew making me feel as if I am revived. You are the laughter and smiles that I have forgotten for a while. You put back the missing spark in my eyes or perhaps you have placed a spark in my eyes like no one ever does.

You are my favorite kind of blue—blissful, calm, carefree, and quiet. You. You are just so lovely to stare at. And so you are the words that'll help me complete my incomplete compositions because you are the melody that'll make me compose a hundred more.  

Yes, you are an answered prayer, my God-given. You are real and you are my proof to the universe that God, in His perfect timing, truly provides the perfect prince to His faithful princess.

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