5 Items Your Friends Borrow From You Which They Never Return

Gotta love your friends.
by Anonymous   |  Aug 7, 2017
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We rely on our friends because sometimes they're the ones who comfort us whenever we're heartbroken, the ones who support us when we're joining a tough competition, who lend us their shoulders and backs to lean on whenever we have problems. And I believe she truly lives by this motto if she starts to take home and collects some of these things from you. LOL!

  1. Clothes

We act like fashion stylists to our friends. We give them the confidence to face the world by helping them find their style. We will do everything to show how beautiful they are—even that will cost us our entire closets and our friends take so much time to return them. At least they're going to return it, riiight?

  1. Some money

You'll do anything and everything just to spend some time with your barkada. Even if it costs you some cash and have to libre them or lend them some money. It's not entirely a bad thing as long as they don't abuse it.


  1. Beauty products

Girls really love makeup and all sorts of beauty products. We even go to the restroom with our girl friends and share some of our beauty secrets with them. There are times when we misplace our things or forget them at home. There are even moments when we leave some of our fave products in their bags and by the time they give them back to us, they're almost gone.

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  1. Hair ties

We don't what it is about hair ties that we always seem to forget them. And because our super friends are always ready, they lend us theirs. Of course, we forget all about returning the hair tie to them and we end up keeping it. We don't really have any intentions of not returning the hair ties, it's just that we forget!

  1. Earphones

Who doesn't love music? When you don't feel the crowd, you just need earphones but the problem is you forgot to put them inside your bag. So who are you calling again? Your friends of course! Maybe the reason you don't have earphones is that another friend borrowed yours.


This is natural in any friendship. It's not about taking advantage, but being comfortable enough to share whatever you have to make things easier for someone you love.

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