Candy Reader Poetry: I Want to Write About You

I won't cease.
by King J   |  Oct 23, 2016
PHOTO Sony Pictures Classics ART Clare Magno
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I want to write about you
To help me bare these unutterable blues
To cast away the dreams stirring my sould at the dead of the night
To ease my misery from yearning for you

I want to write about you
But the plot gets jinxed, twisted
Everything else gets chaotic and I just can't risk it
I ought to be certain that this time, I'll end up with you

I want to write about you
Grant the whole world the radiance you always leave me with
Let it drizzle with outpouring love that's in my heart
Call me hopeless but let me start

To go ahead and write about you
Nothing in the world will make me cease
Even if I ran out of words to rhyme, unknowing of what the future hides
The verses and rhythms will always be about you

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