Candy Reader Poetry: "I Am a Woman and I Love It"

For the beautiful woman that you are.
by Clarice Oyales   |  Jan 19, 2017
PHOTO Song Hye Kyo | ART Naomi Torrecampo
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She is a woman, in flames and collected.
Hear her silent resentments,
See her through, bones and marrows,
Speak to her wonderment and fears,
Touch her rose-thorned skin and be amazed by them,
Look at her eyes and see salty gems in them, 
She is a woman, through and through.

She places her things on top of her desk; she works on them.
She unbuckles her bra to breathe well. Relax.
She hears a knock; she fastens back her bra in an instant,
and summons power and vulnerability once again. Armed.

She loves to smile
And to tell the world
how lucky she is to be a woman,
to be brave, amazing, and free.

She loves to laugh loudly,
to show the world
how beautiful it is to be a woman,
to be unstoppable

She loves to love
like a woman does,
pure and true and sweet.
She is a woman, and she loves it.

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