Candy Reader Poetry: Almost a Sonnet of Good Mourning

A reminder of pain eternal.
by Guinevere Everest   |  Dec 18, 2016
PHOTO Tribeca Film ART Naomi Torrecampo
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In the corner where it feels the safest,
silent mumbles of hushed prayers were said.
Anguish, which she can't help but detest,
the ache of seeing her loved one's deathbed.

Meeting with the most dreadful of goodbyes,
Summer did not warm Winter's shivers.
A waterfall formed in her honey-colored eyes.
With each drop, cheeks salted and lip quivers.

Blue tears painted the lace of her white sleeves
as numbness lulled her to an empty sleep,
each drop of color perfect the strong weaves.
The morn shall come but today, she will weep.

These runes shall stay forever, immortal,
a reminder of pain eternal.

A year after my mother passed away, I wrote this piece. I was so caught up in grief back then that I forgot about the poetry meter but since it served its purpose well and helped me deal with the heartbreak. Only one other person has read this ever since but I want to share it in hopes that other people going through a similar situation will see this and know that the pain may never go away. But we will be fine. Our angels up in heaven will guide us every step of the way like mine has.

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