Be With Someone Who Is Good For Your Mental Health

Wait for a love like this. A love that is good to you, for you.
by Krizzia Paolyn   |  Sep 25, 2017
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We all have demons imprisoned inside us. We all have something scary waiting to be released inside our heads and they're not pretty. They can be loud at times telling you what to do, taking away all the senses in your body and make you act irrationally. We all have monsters under our beds, and in front of the mirror gripping us tightly around our throats to reduce the screams building up inside our chest. And then you encounter that one person who could make them disappear. Their voice alone could automatically silence the deafening sounds they make, even just the sound of their name could drive all the craziness away.

Have you ever felt panicking in the middle of the street because you feel like the space is closing in on you and then suddenly everything went from pitch black to blinding lights? All the sirens, the footsteps, the city's noise became a whisper and there they go standing at the end of the tunnel. Their name echoing inside the walls of your brain.


This proves that all we need is love to silence the voices. Hell, we only need love to silence everything. And if you are looking for love, make sure you are looking in the right places and at the right people. If you are looking for someone who can slay demons, then be with someone who is good for your mental health.

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Be with someone who has the patience to smile and make you laugh when you are panicking and your mind's all over the place.

Be with someone who would give you a blanket and an ice cream, and play a movie that would lift you up from depression.

Be with someone who would stay beside you on the bathroom floor waiting for everything to stop, who would stand by no matter how many breakdowns, no matter how many failed attempts you experience from trying to get better.

Be with someone who would not blame you for your weaknesses and for not being strong enough to fight them.


Be with someone who can treat you right, maybe even more than you deserve.

Be with someone who is proud of who you are and what you have become.

Be with someone who can see how much of a mess you can be and still say, "You're beautiful."

Be with someone who can look past your mistakes and still adore you like a goddess from above.

Be with someone who can trust you with his heart because a love like this is fragile. Once you give unconditional love to someone else, it's hard to get it back.

Lastly, be with someone who can thaw the ice around your heart and make you want to trust again.

Love is always the answer to everything. If not, then try to think again. Because it is. Love can work wonders, love can make you remember what is good and make you forget what is bad inside of you. It makes our world a better place, and a love from another person can make you want to change to get out of your cave and be something. Wait for a love like this. A love that is good to you, for you.


Wait for a love like this. A love that is good to you, for you.

So, be with someone who is good for your mental health.

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