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WATCH: How Dentistry Students Take Online Practical Exams | #CANB

Have you ever wondered how dentistry students do their online class?
by Sophia Divinagracia   |  Aug 4, 2021
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Have you ever wondered how dentistry students do their online class? Well here it is! To be completely honest with you, this online set-up was really hard. Especially when it comes to buying dental materials. Not all students are from Metro Manila, some ordered from provinces. It was really hard. But thank God I survived my 1st year in online set up as a 3rd year student. I think the greatest challenge us dentistry students face is that we are not able to perform it on a real person. We are required to buy a typodont which costs 4,500 (trimunt brand) and it was really different from real life human teeth. How I wish we can go back with face-to-face classes when the pandemic is over.

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