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Valuing your worth

Never be afraid to take a foot forward and leave some things behind.

In times where we ask where we are headed, or in times where we feel alone, always redirect the path to yourself. Because it is in knowing ourselves that we truly know our worth and the path we are headed to. It is in fully knowing yourself that you value your worth. When you know what your capabilities are, what you deserve, and what you aspire to be, that is when you truly know yourself.

Settling for less is never really an option because you want the best for yourself, and that is what you deserve. When you feel like a group of friends that you belong to doesn't actually match your energy, or that group doesn't bring you any good and does not help you aspire for greatness, you are very welcome to leave. Stop wasting your energy on things that won't make you a better person. Stop wasting your energy on people that are not good for yourself, on people who don't bring good to your well-being.

At the end of the day, you must always seek for growth, and leaving things behind that doesn't bring you any good is not a show of cowardness, it is an act of bravery, to which you allow yourself to grow. Always keep in mind that there are a lot of better things awaiting you. Things that would allow yourself to grow. Never be afraid to take a foot forward and leave some things behind. Instead, invest your energy in things that you truly like. Invest your energy in art, in music. Invest your energy in your friends who value your friendship even though you don't get to talk most of the time. Invest your energy in things that would allow yourself to grow. Invest time in yourself to workout, read a book, watch a movie, sing songs in the shower, catch up with a friend.

In the end, after you lose everything, at least you still got yourself. And when you see that you only have yourself, you won't have to worry, because all the investments that you gave yourself, the time, love, and effort that you gave yourself, will all bear. And you would proudly say that you won't have to depend your happiness on others again because you have yourself, and you will have no worries about being alone. Because you are a strong, independent, and wonderful person.









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