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The Unpopular Opinion: I AM NO DAMSEL IN DISTRESS

As a typical girl growing up with the dream of being one of the enchanting Disney Princesses, I am looking forward to being the star of my own fairytale-like story someday.

The Unpopular Opinion: I AM NO DAMSEL IN DISTRESS

Disney has been creating fantastic tales that truly make a mark in one's childhood. From simple fantasy stories to adventure stories that rattle the imagination of whoever is attached to the magical world of Disney, the company has been successful at churning out classic and modern epics, whether in animation or live action. This magical universe challenges one's train of thoughts as every story explores the deep imagery of every line delivered by exceptional characters.

Furthermore, one of the remarkable things about Disney is its capacity to come out with remarkable remakes of fairytales that have touched even the deepest dreams of children. That said, behind the magical world of Disney is a hidden sacred feminism, an empowerment of women concealed behind the lines and the fairy tales while debunking the gender norms in society.

As a typical girl growing up with the dream of being one of the enchanting Disney Princesses, I am looking forward to being the star of my own fairytale-like story someday. You know, a story full of adventures and stuff that a real Disney princess gets blessed with. Add in some sorcery, talking things, and fairies to the concoction, and it would be complete. These are just some of the typical items in the wish list of a child who has grown up in the magical universe of Disney. From Cinderella and her fabulous glass shoes, Sleeping Beauty and her supportive fairies, Snow White and her seven little companions, these are just some of the well-known fairytales all around the globe made possible by the wondrous technology and brilliance that is exclusively Disney’s. However, if you look closer at those magical stories of the various Disney damsels in distress, there is a hidden women empowerment theme just waiting to unfold.

Almost all of the leading characters in a typical Disney fairytale are women. It may be a princess trapped in a tower for so long, a normal provincial girl, a magical creature, a warrior. However, that character is always a headstrong girl. From the different roles the heroines in every Disney story portray, it just goes to show how women, by all means available to the fairer gender, are as equally skilled as men.

Take the story of Mulan, for instance. Mulan is the first born in a Chinese family. In the story, Mulan made the radical decision to disguise herself as a man and join the army fighting the Huns. She didn’t want her partially crippled father, who used to be a famous army general, to rejoin the troops battling the marauders and protecting China and the Emperor. Her deception of her commanding officer and her comrades was considered an act of treason, but she was able to show she had the courage to match – or even exceed – that of a man.

In the animated movie "Brave", the heroine Merida proved that women could lead an entire clan by themselves. The movie also showed that it is not necessary to have a man behind every successful woman. The movie proved that women and men are equally strong and independent from each other.

Then there’s Moana, which is about a girl who succeeded in saving her village from the dilemma its people were facing, resulting in the unfolding of the great history of their civilization.

These are just some of the stories of exceptional ladies raising the colors of women while hidden in their own enchanted tales. Those tales prove that women can become the knight in shining armor who will save the world and those they love, in the process. Behind the fancy jewelry and incredible wardrobe are the hidden vigor, vitality and determination of a seemingly typical girl.

The stories demonstrate that women could be the greatest individuals that history writers could ever chronicle, and that all women, in all types of standards on beauty, are masterpieces of grace under pressure while dressed in fancy garments. Behind every Disney tale lies a story emphasizing the value of women in our society, proving that every maiden in need is not always a damsel in distress, but a hero in heels.









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