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My love won't die even if we're a million miles apart now.
by Belley Marie   |  Sep 16, 2020
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Written by me, the one-shot story "Tattoo" can prove that there is forever in love.


I prepared my coffee and heard my phone rang. It wasn’t a message from someone else, it was an alarm. You may think that it is unusual to have an alarm after I woke up but today is a special day. It was our fortieth anniversary. I have to prepare her favorite Salisbury steak and coleslaw.    

Jane and I have one of the most challenging romantic relationship story. There are circumstances that keep us apart and there are people who tried to broke us but cannot. Jane is a type of girl who can do anything exemplary from scientific stuffs to delicious cooking while I’m a type of guy who’s an opposite of whom she is but I was surprised that she still loved me for who I am. She’s miss independent and my light of everyday.       

We like different things, she’s into ballad while I’m into rock. She loves sweet foods while I love salty ones. We’re different from most of the couples who has parallelism when it comes to their interests but one thing that is common on both of us is that we love each other and that is precious.

Whenever I ask “What did I do to deserve you?”, she’ll always say “ I don’t know but I feel like I’m home and I love you always, Andrew.”  She’s so simple just like that but her simplicity is something I always treasure and thanked God that she existed. She was not an ordinary type of girl who will ask for something so cliché like red roses on Valentine’s day and romantic dinner somewhere expensive but she was a type of girl who loves you so dearly that she’ll just ask for your time and availability.   

She loves surprises and she giggles from those. She was different from the other girls that you might have encountered in your whole life and I’m a lucky guy. While I was preparing her food, someone called. It was Alex, our son.     

“Hey dad, are you ready to surprise mom with her favorite dish?” Alex asked me.           

Alex is an internal medicine doctor and we’re proud of him. He's married and they have a daughter.  

“Of course, son. Are you inviting Francheska and Misty to surprise your mom?” I asked him while grilling the steak and preparing the coleslaw.     

“Yes, dad. They are glad to surprise mom on your 40th anniversary.” He said.      

“Okay , I’m almost done here. Are you on your way to the venue?” I asked him.       

“Yes, dad , we’re almost here.” He said.       

“Okay, son. I’ll be on my way there.” I said while packing up the things that I need to surprise my wife.      

“Mom’s gonna be happy with the gifts you have for her!” Alex said.       

I made my way to the venue where my son and his family and I are going to surprise my wife. I was surprised that the venue was not filled with many people today. Rather, it was calm.      

“Dad! We’re here.” Alex said while waving and I saw his wife Francheska and my granddaughter Misty smiling at me from afar.     

“So did you bring the flowers?” I asked him.     

“Yes, dad” Alex said.     

“The Salisbury steak smells good, mom’s gonna love it.” Francheska said.     

“Yes she really love this dish” I said while smiling.     

“So shall we?” Alex said.     

We made our way to where we will surprise my wife, Jane. The location smells like a lavender-scented candle and pink roses. I began to search for her. From there, I saw my wife.     

“Happy 40th anniversary, my dearest Jane.” I said as I put her favorite dish in front of her and began lighting the candles on both side of her place. How I wish I can touch my love , Jane but she’s been gone for ten years. I silently prayed for her and after that we peacefully celebrated our anniversary together with Alex and his family in front of her columbarium. My love won’t die even if we’re a million miles apart now. Oh how I miss my Jane.           

I love you and I always will. You’re forever tattooed on my heart and mind.


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