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Social media detoxification

Remember that everyone has different dispositions in life.
by Mica Cabacungan   |  Sep 16, 2020
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Social media applications have been good platforms for sharing almost everything about life. Be it your dazzling OOTDs, your new iPhone X, your exclusive edition of Chanel, bags, your new signature shoes, your candlelit dinner with your love, your travel journeys, your political views, your thoughts about what's trending and even your personal problems, these are all welcome. But have you ever thought of the consequences of these free sharing platforms?

Instagram is the best app where you can post all your OOTDs and aesthetic shots, but have you ever realized, that these applications can affect your peace of mind and mental health? Social media people are prone to absorbing negative energies. You post your bikini bod and holla! Everyone has a say on it. Some say you look dazzling, some say you look hot but there are always people who will ruin the comment section, scrutinizing every part of your body and shame you until they strip off your confidence and inner peace.

In everything you post, you give the public access to agree and disagree with you, you give them the access to appreciate and depreciate you. And even those simplest unnecessary words can unconsciously manifest in your mental health. It will make you question your worth and esteem. It will make your insecurities even worse. It will make your nights sleepless, thinking about those negativities. And the worst it can give you, anxiety.

Everything we have, our thoughts, special moments, relationships, status, and achievements are a potential "flex" . Who cares of other's opinions? They are worth sharing. But the moment everyone sees it, you can't expect to harvest mere positive feedbacks. Remember that everyone has different dispositions in life. Some may like you, some may not. Some may agree with you but expect that you can't please everyone. Social media peeps have this mindset of "my account, not yours" and there is nothing wrong with that as long as you are strong enough to not give a damn about negativities in the internet. Remember that everyone is fighting their own battles and a simple comment can ruin their inner peace. While everything is worth "flexing", staying low-key doesn't make you less. Staying low-key can help you for a healthy and better social media experience. You bought a new phone? Tell it to your friends personally. Had a fight with your boyfriend/girlfriend? Talk to a friend or family member. Had a dinner in a luxurious hotel? Sure, post it in your IG and Facebook, but choose your audience wisely.

Social media detoxification is also a great help. Got a thousand Facebook friends but only knew a hundred? Unfriend. Follow pages that spread positive vibes and advocate stress free internet environment. Follow only those who you know and who knows you, like the saying says, "quality over quantity". Six to eight digits of followers and friends feels good and overwhelming but not all of these people really care for you, some are just waiting for your failure and make fun of it, slowly drowning you. If you're strong enough and is already used of negative vibes the netizens are giving, keep it up and don't let anyone destroy your inner peace. But for everyone who's struggling and fighting their own battles, and the internet is making you more anxious, stay low-key and follow only what's good for you. Let's all promote stress free social media environment.

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