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Simple Ways On How Students Can Cope With Stress

The following are ways on how my fellow students can deal with stress that we encounter each and every day.
by Althea Lallana   |  May 2, 2020
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Simple Ways On How Students Can Cope With Stress

Students nowadays experience sleepless nights due to various external factors – playing mobile/video games, doing online activities, discovering new hobbies, etc. But if doing school stuff stresses you out and makes you on the verge of giving up already, please DON’T.

The following are ways on how my fellow students can deal with stress that we encounter each and every day. So the first step is to have our “me-time” since we all deserve to have such. Examples of it are having enough rest or sleep, engaging in recreational and worthwhile activities, having regular exercises, and maintaining a balanced diet.

If you have social media accounts, you’ve probably seen a couple of things to do that are trending during this quarantine. If you tend to do one of those, chances are, your productivity will be enhanced. There were many activities I’ve done like reading a book, baking churros, playing the ukulele, dancing zumba, and making dalgona coffee.

Learn to face your problems in a positive way rather than taking these as something that pressures you. Why not consider problems as a challenge? These are challenges that will make you stronger and more determined in life since this will test how much perseverance you’ve got. If you don’t want to be challenged, then you’re not living life because life itself is full of ups and downs. Next, take one step at a time. There are those who are good at multitasking however, it will tire you sometimes. Thus, it is advisable for you to list down all the things that you’re going to do with a schedule or time limit in order for you to meet the deadline. Time-management is a must. You have to do tasks slowly but surely. Chunking things down will help you look at the tasks more manageable and doable within a particular period of time.

Lastly, set achievable objectives and alter your goals into a more feasible one. Do not push yourself too hard because it’s already enough if you feel happy at the end of achieving something. What matters most is that you will feel satisfied and contented after everything you have done. Success comes only to those who have worked hard. At the end of the day, coping with stress is somehow challenging but rewarding at the same time. Keep in mind the phrases “a little sacrifice will lead you to paradise” or, look at all your tasks and say “try me” so that it will motivate you to finish it as soon as possible. Just imagine yourself that eventually, you’ll be successful amidst all challenges you have faced in life.

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