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How is This Pandemic Treating You?

A few days after classes was suspended, I was so sure that I'd be fine...
by Graysheil Frae Runes   |  May 6, 2020
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How is This Pandemic Treating You?

I don’t understand why does our country not prioritizing mental health as it should be? This is a difficult time for everyone. I do hope we can be of help to others, by checking up on them, listening with each other and letting our hearts share with one another.

A few nights ago, I decided to check in with a couple of my friends to see if they were doing alright amidst the pandemic. I really am interested to know how they are coping, if they are alright, or if they are still able to balance themselves. I miss them a lot and I really hope to see them very soon. I got their replies and reflected on it. I have checked up on friends’ mental health and it’s not looking too good.

With the stress of online requirements, as well as the continuous rise of numbers of those infected, and the unclear future of what will happen tomorrow; adding to it are personal problems as well, it seems too difficult to keep our sanity intact. There are friends who cannot function properly at home due to having online classes despite this crisis we are experiencing. It’s becoming difficult to focus on such tasks and I have to agree with what they said that we are merely just complying with the given tasks, and we’re not really learning from it anymore. Instead of just being with your family, you are to sit at your desk and finish the tasks to meet its deadlines.

We paid for quality education, to obtain skills and knowledge that we can use for a brighter tomorrow. But because of the inevitable, it has then become a burden. We aren’t receiving what is best for us and for our future. There are also who cannot seem to find peace in their homes, because of personal problems. I have also put a burden on myself with everything that is happening. My mental health is suffering. It has become too difficult to stay focused and continue doing whatever that is that I have to accomplish.

A few days after classes was suspended, I was so sure that I’d be fine, because I don’t really go out often and I enjoy being in my room more often with every materials that I truly enjoy. But I realized that I am not doing so well after all, I find myself suffering more silently in this supposed, comfort of my home. It was suffocating; it’s frustrating, and exhausting. Not everyone has means of coping up in this vulnerable time. Everyone seems to be wallowing in the dark, succumbing to the darkness and sadness forming up in their heads --anxiety and depression are slowly draining them. It’s all clear that nothing else is helping to prevent such. It’s not just going to stop like that. It’s a saddening truth that our mental health is suffering, but it seems that we can’t do anything about it, but to only to keep on going.

Everyone has a role to play in this crisis. I encourage everyone to check up on their loved ones; no, check up on anyone else too. It’s not creepy to leave a message, or perhaps a note hoping that they’re doing alright. Let’s not take anyone else for granted. In these trying times, we can’t afford to lose any more people, whether it is because of the virus or mental health illness.

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