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3 Realizations about School and Learning from my First Year as a Teacher

1. Teachers work hard like their students

I am surely grateful to God because having a platform where I can write a blog required me to think deeply about my realizations about life and to consider the learning I obtained from my student life and job. During my one year teaching as a Kindergarten teacher, I gathered some lessons that I found essential in my life and in my future job. And since it is my vision for my blog to provide inspiration and learning to readers, like you, I am sharing them here.

1. Teachers work hard like their students

If students have to frequently experience sleeping late at night and waking up early in the morning, so do teachers. When I was in college, I regularly experienced having few hours of sleep because of our research. Meanwhile, when I worked as a Kindergarten teacher, aside from the tasks I had to fulfill even class hours are finished, I also often had times when I cried by myself at night. Furthermore, while students are doing their homework, the teachers are probably preparing all the supplementary materials that they will be utilizing in their class the next day.

Also, they have to accomplish the other chores that are related to their job as a teacher like cleaning the classroom after class, organizing the art supplies, checking of exams etc. That was the scenario when we had face to face classes. Imagine the present situation. Because of the pandemic and quarantine, the setting where learning happens shifted from classroom to our homes. Both student and teacher have a need to adjust and adapt to the new normal that everyone is dealing with right now. The teachers have to equip their selves in order to maintain being an effective educator even their dear learners are at their houses.

My experience of being a teacher actually showed me the reality that teachers face daily. Aside from teaching, they had other roles and functions like communicating with their students’ parents and keeping a good working relationship with their co-teachers. It taught me that life as a teacher has both blissful and gloomy moments. What I observed when I was a young student was just the tip of the iceberg. There are so much more happening behind the energetic appearance of my teachers. These realizations indicated a need for me to genuinely appreciate and thank all the teachers I had including those I worked and will worked with. Therefore, I suggest that you always recognize the efforts of our teachers. I am sure it will bring a big smile on their faces and will remain in their hearts forever.

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