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'Pagod na ako' 5 Signs it's time for you to rest that you ignore

You are not superhuman and you get tired, too.

You are not superhuman and you get tired, too. It is not always about working every day, being productive, and doing kinds of stuff like schoolwork or finishing your to-do-list. Sometimes, you need to stop for a moment because through that way, you may encounter rest. But, what are the signs that you need to take some rest? Signs that you might choose to ignore because you want to keep working and finish things according to your will or else—pressure says. 1. When it's you who first says "Nakakapagod na." Well, if this has started to enter your thinking, it might be a clear signal for you to rest. Saying you're tired is natural, coming from your being that may be experiencing a lot of struggles that makes you tired. Nakakapagod na means pahinga na. 2. When you started to lose concentration. "Hindi ko na alam ang uunahin ko," you might once tell yourself or anyone. If you don't feel focused anymore and things start to pile up, it's okay to temporarily leave everything and take a breath for a moment. Find some time to relax. When you are already composed, fix things according to your priority. 3. A bad mood becomes normal. They say if you love what you do, you must be happy. If this turns out differently, maybe you're stressed at what you're doing and this becomes a way for you to vent out every negative energy you have, affecting your output. If bad mood becomes normal, maybe it's a sign that what you are currently doing does not fulfill you anymore—a sign to stop and say "Tama na muna siguro." 4. Physical health describes your status. You might be eating a lot—far from usual, resulting in you gaining weight or started to lose appetite, resulting in weight loss. Physical health tells a lot especially when you're doing good or not. You might want to check yourself on the mirror and start to ask; "Gumaganda/Pumopogi ba ako sa ginagawa ko?" 5. When it's not fulfilling anymore. Particularly when you are feeling burnouts and the quality of what you do is affected. Things we usually do becomes routine and routine sometimes gets boring. For you to feel the same excitement and energy, take a break from the usual through resting or if it's possible, make some changes. When you are facing waves in life like a list of things you need to accomplish or personal problems to be dealt with, it's not bad to stop and breathe for a moment. Most of the time, in resting, you will renew yourself, find it composed, completed, and recharged. Through resting, you can gain the same energy that will help you succeed in what you do and survive in whatever challenges you would face in the future.









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