Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet To Brow Grooming

Find out the different pros and cons of each brow grooming method.
by Janelle Yau   |  Oct 28, 2016
Image: Andrea Brillantes | Art: Clare Magno
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While a strong lip game adds a quick dose of boldness to a beauty look and a fierce smoky eye can turn normal beauty look into a piercing one, well-groomed and maintained brows frame one's face perfectly, making one look younger and sharper in a snap. If you're new to the whole brow grooming game, or wondering if you should switch things up to achieve better brows, Benefit Cosmetics' national brow artist Celina Fernandez lists down the different popular brow grooming techniques available along with the pros and cons of each method. So read on, and find out which grooming style you should use to keep your brow game strong and always on fleek.


Pros: Brow waxing is usually more painless, more accurate, and creates a more reliable shape than other brow grooming methods. Plus, it removes dead skin cells in the process as well. Hair usually grows back after three to four weeks visibly finer, thinner, and the symmetry of the brow is more defined, too.


Cons: Hair has to be at least 1 cm long before it can be waxed. Skin redness also occurs—especially for first timers.


Pros: This method is quick and easy, and perfect for someone who is always on the go.

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Cons: Shaving only removes the hair above the skin that's why hair grows back after two to three days. It’s also a lot more unhygienic compared to the other brow grooming techniques and one is more prone to cuts and razor burn as well.


Pros: Tweezing is the most affordable brow grooming technique and you can do it at home, too!

Cons: It’s painful, time consuming, and it’s hard to achieve balance and symmetry. Hair usually grows back after a week with the same texture.


Pros: It's fast, easy, and the hair grows back a lot finer, too! Threaded brows can last up to three weeks as well.  


Cons: When not done carefully, threading can cut the skin, and possibly cut the hair as well. This brow grooming technique is also a lot more painful than waxing.

Pro Tip: I personally suggest the combination of waxing and tweezing when grooming your brows.

While majority of the brow grooming stations groom the brows while the customer is lying down, the Benefit technique is to wax the brows while the customer is sitting down to achieve symmetry and balance because when one lies down, the muscles tend to relax, which is not the normal facial stance.

Would you rather wax, tweeze, shave, or thread your brows? 

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