Your Cheat Sheet For The Perfect Lipstick Application

Follow these lipstick tips and tricks to create the perfect pout.
by Janelle Yau   |  Aug 13, 2016
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There's no doubt that swiping a good ol' lippie can easily boost any girl's confidence Plus, a good lip color can up the ante of your beauty looks in a snap, too! While playing with different lip colors is fun, a perfect lipstick application can be a little tricky. But there's no need to stress because we're sharing with you the only tips and tricks you need to know for a perfect lipstick application to create the perfect pout.

Always start with a clean slate. To guarantee a flawless lippie application, make sure that your lips are soft and moisturized. You can exfoliate your pucker with a lip exfoliator or apply a balm first. Don't forget to blot your lips with tissue afterwards.

Know what lip formula works well on your lips. There are a lot of different types of lippies. From matte to creamy, and even stains. Matte lippies are all the rage these days, but if your lips are sensitive it can dry out your lips faster. Experiment with different bullets so you will know which formula works better for you.


Boost your lip color with a lip liner. If your eye makeup has an eye primer to make sure that the color stays longer, lipsticks have lip liners to do that. Plus, it boosts that colors of your lippies by neutralizing your natural lip color, too.

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Blot, blot, blot. Blot your lips with tissue after every swipe to make the color last longer. Don't put the tissue in between your lips because this will cause your lip color to fade unevenly. Pat a tissue over your lips gently instead.

No to lipstick on your teeth. You've probably heard your mom say this once or twice already, but it's worth repeating once more. To avoid lipstick stains on your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth and gently pull it out to remove excess color.

Highlight it. Further define your lips by highlighting your Cupid's bow. You can use a handy highlighter or a trusty light concealer can do the trick, too.


Watch the video below for more tips on tricks on how to properly apply your favorite lippies!

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