Your 7-Day Beauty Countdown

One simple beauty task a day—that's all it takes to get prom pretty!
by Nicole Romero   |  Feb 12, 2012
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7 Days To Go - Head to the salon
Candy says: If you need a trim or want to give your banfs a quick touch-up, do it now. This way, your cut won't look too blunt or fresh on your special day. Also, ask your mom id you can get a pro to wax your brows, underarm hair, uppper lip, and legs.

6 Days To Go - Start your own skin routine
Prevent stress breakouts by making sure you religiously wash your face with your tried-and-tested cleanser. Be on the lookout for possible zits on your face and body. If you see one forming, immediately spot-treat it with a pimple cream. To scroe glowing complexion, use a light moisturizer twice a day, and choose an eye cream with caffeine to help de-puff your eyebags.

5 Days To Go - Practice applying your makeup
If you're doing your own makeup, try to apply it ahead of time. This will help you gauge the amount of time you need to get ready. Plus, you can troubleshoot and check how much makeup you really need to put on to get the effect you want. Take your pick from these palette selections, and combine the colors as you go along.

4 Days To Go - Deep condition
Make sure your strands look shiny and soft by pampering 'em with a potent conditioner. After shampooing, gently squeeze out excess water and fingercomb the cream through your locks. Put yur hair inside a shower cap and wrap a hot towel around it to help your hair absorb the nutrients. Rinse out after 10 minutes.

3 Days To Go - Scrub-a-dub-dub
For radiant skin, give yourself a potent sloughing to banish skin-dulling dead cells. On dry skin, rub a body scrub over each body part for at least three minutes. Once you rinse off and step out of the shower, immediately lock in moisture by applying your fave lotion.

2 Days To Go - Get your nails done
Pretty tips and toes are a must for prom-just have your mani=pedi done the day before. This way, you lessen chances of chipping your polish. Bonus tip: Pro hair stylists recommend that you also wash your hair today, so it'll be easier to style your strands the next day.

It's the day you've been waiting for and you're all set! Start primping at least two to three hours before you have to leave, so you won't be pressed for time. Also, remember to pack the following essentials in your bag: powder foundation to banish grease and clean up makeup smudges,lip gloss, breath minds, and a fresh fragrance. Have fun!


Want an even more extensive checklist? Go to our Prom Site and fill this out with your Prom details!

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