You Have To Stop Believing These 5 Makeup Myths

by Kaye Serrano   |  Apr 5, 2017
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Whether you're a huge beauty girl or not, admit it. There's a beauty goodie you simply can't live without—be it a trendy peach palette or an always trusty lip balm. With the steady rise of the beauty department comes a lot of makeup dos and don'ts. And while some makeup commandments are truly important, there are also a lot that are simply myths, which you can totally rid yourself of. To make sure that your beauty game is always strong, we took it upon ourselves to list down the most common makeup myths and debunk them along the way.    

Myth: You can't use your hands to apply makeup.

"Isn't that what brushes are for? Applying makeup." Actually, some of the most respected makeup artists like Bobbi Brown, Charlotte Tilbury, and Mary Greenwell prefer to use their hands when applying makeup on their models. Of course, there's that concern about sanitation, but that can be easily solved with a thorough hand wash and having a bottle of micellar water or makeup remover beside you. The warmth of your fingers actually adds to the natural effect of the makeup as you apply it to your face. Plus, you have complete control of the application with this method, so don't be afraid to try this technique out! After all, it is all about preference.


Myth: Never mix liquids with powders.

This has been a longstanding rule in the makeup world—especially for professional makeup artists. But with the improvement of technology when it comes to manufacturing makeup, it is now possible to actually mix them both in different ways! You can use a damp sponge and dip it into a loose translucent powder for a quick baking treatment under your eyes. You can even try this genius beauty tip by Wayne Goss about applying translucent powder first before your foundation! Crazy right?


Myth: The pricier the product, the better the quality.

Thanks to our favorite YouTube vloggers, more and more drugstore products are getting the love that they deserve! Aside from that, affordable makeup brands have also been stepping up their game with new products that can serve as dupes to luxury makeup both in color and quality.

Myth: There is only one way to use a makeup product.

One of the million reasons why makeup is amazing is because you can use the products in more than one way! Lipsticks can be used as cheek tints, too, shimmer eyeshadows can double up as highlighters, and you can even use your brow gel to manage your baby hair and keep them away from your face!

Myth: You wear makeup just to impress boys.

Do you really think boys who don't wear makeup can appreciate the art of a perfect winged liner and a cut crease? Makeup is a form of art—a way to express yourself and just have fun! What's beautiful about makeup is that it helps you realize how important it is to take the time for yourself. So, no! When it comes to makeup or even anything for that matter, you don't need to impress anyone, but yourself and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that!

What’s your go-to makeup application? Let’s swap tips below!

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