Why K-Beauty Addiction Is Real, According to a Non-Beauty Girl

by Katherine Tsang   |  Jun 5, 2017
Image: Song Hye Kyo | instagram.com/kyo1122
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K-beauty—it's everywhere! It's in our malls, on our laptop screens, and it has even made its way into our very own beauty arsenal. While K-beauty can be daunting at first—especially for the non-beauty girl—what with all the skin care steps (do we really have to do all *10*?), weird-sounding products (BB, CC, and DD creams, for example), and exotic ingredients (snail mucin, anyone?), it's easy to get overwhelmed and a little intimidated by the big colorful world that is K-Beauty. But despite it all, it has an allure that is impossible to miss and can even be downright addicting. Here's why!

K-Beauty allows you to play and experiment with your beauty routine.

For girls who are hesitant to dive into the world of beauty, K-Beauty offers up a ton of interesting and wacky products that would make the journey less like work and more like play. Brave girls out there might even try products with the wackiest ingredients—from snail mucin to pig collagen! Not only are the ingredients they use interesting, their products are, too! Take a look at Emma Stone's Golden Globes beauty prep. The beauty benefits of this quirky lip mask may not be enough to pique your interest and make you try one, but the curiosity of how weird or wacky it's going to look on you will. 


Although K-beauty may be a little bit more high maintenance compared to other trends, it gives more emphasis on enhancing your best features and not masking your natural look, which is very important for girls who are not really into beauty to begin with. Plus, the great skin that you get afterwards is just collateral beauty any girl would kill for.

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Gone are the days when plakado brows are the thing.

With the no-makeup makeup look taking off, Korean beauty has got the whole trend locked down. Just look at the typical Korean beauty look for starters: fresh, dewy skin; natural eyebrows; and a subtle flush on the lips and cheeks. So for a girl who isn't really into makeup and cannot tell the difference between BB cream and CC cream (aren't they just both creams?), a healthy natural look is the way to go! Let's not forget when they started coming out with products that boast of skin care and makeup in one generous tube of product. For a non-beauty girl, having a skin care regimen and a makeup routine is already too much work, so merging skin care and makeup? That's pure genius! Great skin plus an on-point beauty look with just a couple of products? You have to see why K-beauty can be addictive for us, right?

No fuss and super adorable, too!

Apart from all the great beauty benefits K-Beauty has #blessed us with, it doesn't hurt that the packaging of their products is super adorable, too! Non-beauty girls like me may not be able to tell the purpose of a purple concealer from an orange one, but given that kawaii packaging, oh I'd totally save up for these cute products in a heartbeat!


They make you feel closer to your fave K-drama star.

Last but definitely not the least, K-Beauty trends can turn into an addiction because they make you feel *that much* closer to your fave K-drama star or even your fave oppa! How? By using the same products they do, of course! After all, if you're a big K-drama fan, you'll naturally gravitate towards the K-Beauty aesthetic. Channel your inner Lee Sung Kyung or Song Hye Kyo by using their signature lippie! Once you've got their look down, you'll be ready to charm your way into oppa's heart in no time!

So welcome to the K-Beauty club! You don't have to be addicted to Korean culture to appreciate what K-Beauty can do nor do you have to be obsessed with beauty to love it. And while it might not be everyone's cup of tea, you can be sure that it's now a mainstay and dare we say—an addiction for many beauty and non-beauty girls alike.


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