Why It's Important to Love Yourself—Zits and All

We are our own biggest critics.
by Katherine Tsang   |  Feb 19, 2017
Art: Clare Magno
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If you aren't part of the elite group of people with naturally flawless skin and great genes, then welcome to the club. For the average person, acne is one of those pesky things in life that just seemingly happens out of the blue. It's one of those things that nobody likes and is something a lot of people go through. You could've had a bad acne spell in high school, in college, or even both in high school and college. Having a face full of zits (or even just one) can make one feel for the lack of better term, ugly or uncomfortable. Believe me, I've had my fair share of acne-related mishaps-avoiding outings, making sure my hair covers my acne when I'm out, and so much more. It's a surefire confidence killer, so it's no wonder why people try so many things to keep their acne at bay—be it regular derma visits, facials, and a rigorous skincare routine just to name a few.


While having flawless skin can make us feel great about ourselves, the real issue behind all this acne hate isn't just the medical aspect—it's indicative of something more serious. While it's not bad to want to improve the way you look, it can become dangerous to rely solely on your appearance for your dose of confidence and self-love.

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In short, it becomes bad when your appearance dictates your self-worth as a person, as well as the worth of other people.

At one point or another, we've all—openly or quietly—taken the role of the judge and the person being judged when it comes to appearances. Being judged by other people can really hurt one's self-esteem—especially when people point out your zits, big pores, and much more. Now imagine doing that to yourself every time you look at the mirror!

It's time for a good reality check: Nobody is perfect (even if some people might seem so). Everyone, even your favorite flawless stars has some kind of flaw. It might not be a skin or a beauty flaw, but it'll definitely be something else. But here's the thing, Candy Girls, you don't become less awesome or less beautiful just because you have some skin issues. As we nitpick our imperfections, it's so easy for us to forget the great things about ourselves and believe me, there are great things about you.


Why obsess over one zit, when your brows look totally on fleek today? Why get sad over your belly fat when you have a dazzling smile and a cute laugh to rival it?

There are tons of great things about ourselves that are so easy to love, but it's so easy to forget about them when we’re too busy putting ourselves down.  

Love yourself—zits and all. Be your own number 1 fan! After all, if you don't see the beauty in yourself, then who will? Be confident with the fact that you are made unique and talented in so many respects and that you have a life full of possibility waiting for you. Know that appearances come and go. 

Great, flawless, wrinkle-free skin? #WalangForever.

But being confident in your inner beauty and worth as a person? Classic.

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