Why Are We So Obsessed with the Kylie Lip Kit Label?

by Katherine Tsang   |  Feb 26, 2017
Image: Kylie Jenner | instagram.com/kyliejenner
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Keeping up with Kylie's beauty endeavors is not an easy task—especially when she changes her hair color even before you can finish counting up to ten. But with the introduction of her beauty line, she singlehandedly solidified her status as one of beauty's go-to inspirations—especially when it comes to all things lips. The Kylie beauty phenomenon easily spread like wildfire with the introduction of her now classic lip kits and although liquid lippies and matching liners have always been available in the beauty counters (sold separately, of course), Kylie's lip kits seem to have sparked a new wave of liquid lippie obsession.

There are a lot of reasons why girls from all over the globe love Kylie's lippies so much—be it the colors, the quality, the formula, and so much more. But there are undoubtedly other great brands out there that have been slaying the lippie game way before Kylie J. did. Some of these brands are more affordable and some have even better a lip color formulation than the Kylie J. lip kits. So what's the deal?

How did the Kylie lip kit become the epitome of the liquid lippie? How does anything become the epitome of anything, really?

One. Some girls obsess over brands in general—the kind of girl who loves labels and the prestige that comes with using them, just 'cause. Let's face it—the lip kit is quite pricey, but they always end up getting sold out, anyway. For some girls, that's part of the appeal—the fact that not a lot of girls can have it. After all, the more exclusive it is, the better.


Two. There are some girls who ends up loving a product because other people love it, too. Sounds familiar? It's safe to say that we've all fallen into this trap at least once in our lives. A lot of young girls look up to stars, bloggers, or models. So if these influential people love a certain product, then that must mean their fans will love it too, right? Well, that's usually how the story goes. So even if the product doesn't really suit her, well so long as she is rocking the same lip color as her beauty peg, then that should be A-okay.

Three. The bandwagoner. These people ride the trend wave and let themselves get swept away by the sea of fellow brand-obsessed or trend-obsessed people. After all, it's so easy to get caught up with something when almost everyone thinks the same thing—be it from the media, social media, and even from their classmates. It's almost like an insanely viral tune that one doesn't want anything to do with, but as everyone gets into it, one can't help but eventually sing along to it. "Energy Gap," anyone? Yes, the hype is very, very real.

In retrospect, Kylie herself has always been a brand, but what's so special about Kylie Jenner is how she got people to want what she has and it all started with lips. Remember when she came out with a noticeably bigger pout? Although she eventually confessed to having lip injections, that didn't stop the people from wanting to cop her pout.

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Since then, Kylie had officially cemented her status as Queen of the Pout and her lip kits became the go-to way to get Kylie-approved lips in a snap.

This whole phenomenon doesn't just happen for liquid lippies, but for many other products and things outside the arena of beauty, too. Although there are lots of great products and items out there that we could try and might even love, they'll never get their time to shine if we only focus on a select few brands or products.

Why be obsessed over one thing when the beauty arena is full of endless possibilities?

Simply following what's popular or following what someone else says will not guarantee that a product will work for us personally.

Instead of keeping up with trends, it's more important to keep up with ourselves and to know what makes us look and feel beautiful—Kylie Lip Kit or not.

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