What?s your skin type? Take the Quiz!

Ever wondered what combination skin means? Or the difference between having oily and pimple-prone skin? These are important questions that you need to find the answers to in order to know how to care for your skin best. Knowing your skin's profile is the first step to achieving beautiful skin. This knowledge should serve as the basis for selecting the right products that are specifically suited to your personal skin needs and ideals. Just answer the three questions below and find out what your skin type is!
  |  Oct 19, 2006
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When touched, my face feels
Dry in my cheek area which tends to flake especially with air conditioning
A little greasy but stays dry in my cheek area
A little rough, especially from over-exposure to the sun
Rough with frequent pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads
A little rough and greasy during noon time
When I take a close look at my face in the mirror, ____
Looks a bit dull but stays clear
My cheek area has little or no problems
I have uneven patches of skin in terms of shade/color
I can see blemish marks and spots from old acne
My pores are very visible, with occasional pimples and blackheads
When exposed to the sun or warm weather, my face usually
Doesn?t have much problems
Appears shiny only along my T-zone
Tans easily, sometimes with dark spots and discoloration
Becomes prone to develop pimples
Easily appears shiny all over

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