What You Need to Look IG-Ready on Your 18th Birthday Getaway

Here are tips to take your best photos yet on your Best. Day. Ever.
What You Need to Look IG-Ready on Your 18th Birthday Getaway

A debut for your 18th birthday is hands down the most popular choice for the rite of passage into adulthoodbut that’s not the only option out there. If you’re not into huge celebrations, especially one where you’re the star of the night, how about arranging a cool getaway with friends (a.k.a. Best. Trip. Ever.) instead?  

No matter where you decide to go, remember the reason you’re going out of town with your besties: to celebrate your freedom! As the birthday girl, you definitely need to be #ExtraReady and look picture-perfect in all the travel pics. Below, the expert essentials you need to ace your birthday travelgrams:

1. A picture-perfect wardrobe

Plan your outfits ahead of time. Try them on and take photos to check if they look good IRL. Keep an eye out for the latest trends, and shop for statement pieces to keep your wardrobe up-to-date.

Pro-tip: You can travel light (yes, it’s possible) by layering and restyling pieces from your vacay wardrobe. It’s okay to repeat clothes during your tripyou don’t have to wear them the same way every day. Wear a monokini to the beach or as a cute top with high-waist shorts, or use a sarong as a cover-up or twist it into a halter top for a party look.

2. Stunning backdrops

Be on the lookout for eye-catching spaces to use as your backdrop in photos. If it's a scenic view, a rustic-looking fireplace, or just plain good lighting, entrust your friends (especially the one with a good eye when taking photos) to help you figure out different poses, angles, and facial expressions to get amazing photos.

3. Easy-to-manage hair

Whether you decide to keep your hair down or up during your trip, you're going to need hair that can withstand any weather. Avoid bad hair days by packing the right hair products, like a smooth and manageable shampoo to keep your hair game on point—important for double-tap-worthy Insta-looks. No matter the weather, pack a bottle of Sunsilk Pink so you can easily manage your tresses and keep them smooth and fragrant.

4. A film camera

Nothing brings the 90s back better than using a film camera for raw, vintage-looking photos. Sure, you don't get to see the photos as quickly as you would with your camera phone, but taking photos on film just gives you the right amount of creative liberty to really think about what you want to capture. Nevermind the Boomerangs or the IG stories you'll be making (and you'll be making tons), get into the trend and have hand film camera on your 18th birthday vacay.

5. Your extra-ready face

The keys to perfect travelgrams are your confidence and expert posing skills. Don’t be shy to research and test out poses (hello, Barbie feet) so you know which angles work best for you. Even better, make your skin camera-ready by putting on a face mask the night before—but you don't have to do it alone. Turn it into a barkada session for all the kwento you're all dying to tell each other. But most importantly, the best thing you could ever wear is confidence, so take it with you wherever you go and use it in every photo you take. 

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