What's Your Favorite Scent?

Here are our top fragrances of the moment. Which one is yours?
  |  Sep 10, 2013
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marla.jpg "Jean Paul Gaultier's Classique X is perfect for when it's too hot to wear my favorite vanilla scents." —Marla, Editor in Chief
steph.jpg "Been loving Musti by Mustela. I know it's a baby scent but I can't get enough of the fresh, clean smell. :)" —Steph, Art Director
angel.jpg "I usually go for fresh, fruity scents and right now, I'm loving The Body Shop's Sparkling Apple Body Mist." —Angel, Managing Editor
"Muschio Bianco by Acca Kappa. It's very clean and the scent reminds me of freshly cut grass. I used to steal my mom's bottle before going out, and now when mine is missing I usually find it in her room." —Sam, Associate Fashion Editor
dyan.jpg "The Body Shop's Vanilla Body Mist." —Dyan, Entertainment & Features Editor
macy.jpg "I remember everyone in high school toting the same blue Cool Water bottle of EDT. Fast forward to years later, it was love at first sniff with the Sea Rose by the same brand. Plus the bottle is pink—how could I resist?" —Macy, Web Managing Editor
erin.jpg "Miss Dior Cherie is my all-time favorite! It smells like a fresh bouquet of sweet flowers—perfect for day and night." —Erin, Web Fashion and Beauty Assistant


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What's your scent of the moment?

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