What It Means for a Girl To Go Makeup-Free

by Katherine Tsang   |  Feb 5, 2017
Image: Instagram | www.instagram.com/lilyjcollins Art: Clare Magno
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For the longest time, makeup has been a source of confidence for a lot of girls. A swipe of red lipstick spells bold and powerful while a few coats of black mascara never fails to fake a set of wideawake eyes even if in reality all you want to do is doze off. But as time passed, so has the use of makeup. While beauty innovations have allowed girls to take their beauty looks to the next level, makeup has also become a source of negativity for some. "Her dark circles are so bad, someone give that girl a proper concealer." or "Why isn't she wearing makeup? Her zit is so distracting!" With famous celebrities like Alicia Keys, Zooey Deschanel, and Lupita Nyong'o going out and about without any trace of makeup in Hollywood, these stars are starting yet another beauty revolution. One that shows us that while swiping on a fiery red lippie never fails to take us to la la land, stepping out of the streets in your raw and unedited self is just as strong, powerful, and bold.

To go makeup-free means she is 101% comfortable with herself.

This is not to say that makeup junkies aren't comfortable with themselves. Rather, to go makeup-free is to reveal to the world with absolutely no self-doubt everything you try to conceal or enhance when you swipe on your favorite concealer or lippie.  It takes a different kind of courage to go makeup-free—one that allows you to be completely and unabashedly yourself. And to be 101% comfortable with yourself is to learn how to love both versions of yourself—with or without makeup.


It takes a different kind of courage to go makeup-free—one that allows you to be completely and unabashedly yourself.

To go makeup-free means she is allowing herself to be vulnerable.

Call it dramatic, but there's something symbolic about putting on your makeup every morning and removing it at night. Putting it on is like putting on your game face for the day, but taking off your makeup at night feels absolutely liberating and comforting! Girls tend to show themselves makeup-free only to the people close to their hearts, when there's no need to put on fancy airs. That's why heading out with absolutely zero makeup on is a sign of openness, vulnerability, and trust.

To go makeup-free is to be confidently beautiful (with a heart)!

Although beauty products might not be her thing, she definitely shines beautifully in whatever she does. She lets her actions and her attitude speak for themselves, and express the beauty that's in her heart.

To go makeup-free shows inner strength.

This is not to say that beauty girls aren't strong—far from it! But to go makeup-free requires a certain strength to overcome insecurities, which we all definitely have! To not to care about what other people might think of you shows your inner strength and steady conviction of your self-worth—one that goes beyond the perceptions of other people and there's obviously nothing more beautiful than that!

To go makeup-free means she is making a choice for herself.

This is for herself and no one else. In the same logic that women wear makeup not to please other people, but because they want to, some girls opt to skip the whole makeup routine of their own accord and not because society prefers it.

To go makeup-free is to exercise freedom over yourself—how you look, how you want others to see you, and much more. You're in charge of your destiny. You can think of it as going against the tide, just like Alicia Keys did when she went makeup-free permanently in Hollywood. Don't mind the haters! Ultimately, it is a choice that only you can make for yourself and in this respect, it frees you from giving in to expectations and pressures that you don't want to be a part of. It's your life and you deserve to make choices that will make you happy.

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At the end of the day, beauty isn't just skin deep, it's what's on the inside that counts! No matter how you choose to express yourself, know that you are forever a beautiful human being and you should never let anyone tell you otherwise.

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