Trend To Try: Black Lips

Can you rock this bold and unconventional beauty look?
by Janelle Yau   |  Jun 13, 2016
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Back in the day, girls would opt for a classic red, pretty pink, or chic nude for their lip color. But with the rise of the dark vampy lips, celebs, models, and girls everywhere are now rocking dark hues of lippies which are bold, dramatic, and definitely very edgy. Lippie Queen, Kylie Jenner, made a huge splash when she announced that her lip line will be releasing a new black lippie, Dead Of Knight. Rocking plum lips is a bold beauty move, but rocking a jet black liquid lip color definitely takes the cake for being the boldest beauty move of 2016. A black lippie can definitely be intimidating and challenging, but we’ll share with you beauty tips that will make a black lip look easy peasy!  

Moisturize Your Lips

A common misconception is that since a black lip color is dark it can hide away lip flaws. On the contrary, the dark hue tends to magnify crack and dry lips! So before swiping on a jet black lip color, make sure to prep your lips with a lip scrub or a trusty lip balm.


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Choose The Right Black For You

Like the reds and the nudes, black lippies are not created the same. Some have darker shades while the others have different finishes from glossy to mattes. For a longer lasting lip color, opt for black lippies in matte!

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Blot It!

Reapplying black lipstick is almost as challenging as trying it out in the first place. So make sure to blot your lips with tissue after applying and lock the color down by dusting translucent powder over it, and then give it one more swipe.

Would you try black lips? Snap a photo of you rocking jet black lips and tweet us at @candymagdotcom! We can’t wait to see!

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