This Korean Toner Trick Will Give You Glowing Skin Minus A Facial

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by Janelle Yau   |  Mar 20, 2017
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While there are a lot of girls who practice a spick and span skin care routine to make sure they have nothing short of great skin all year round, a lot of them skip the much-recommended monthly facials because they don't see its importance. But here's the thing about facials, they deeply cleanse the skin and help bring back its natural glow thanks to steps like steaming, which makes sure that the skin is able to absorb the products you put on better. Now what if we told you that we may have just found a way on how you can get glowing skin minus a facial? Although this may sound too good to be true, the K-Beauty scene has done it again and this time, they're making every girl's dream of getting radiant skin on a daily basis possible. And get this, you only need seven steps to do so.


K-Beauty has introduced so many skin care regimens that promise great skin—from their smart trick to avoid chapped lips to new ways of exfoliation. Now, the Korean beauty girls are all about the seven-skin method. Unlike your regular skin care routine, this new K-Beauty trend is all about layering on seven layers of toner to help your skin absorb the other skin care products you put on better. While putting on seven layers of toner sounds time-consuming, we're not going to lie, it is. But then again you won't have to spend your two weeks' worth of allowance on your monthly facial anymore. Plus, you can maximize the benefits of your beauty products even more, too!

Wondering how to use the seven-skin method to your advantage? Just take note of these tips and you'll be ready in no time!

  1. Be sure to cleanse your face as you normally would before layering on the toner. The seven-skin-method will lose its effectivity if your face still have traces of makeup and dirt as you apply it.
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  1. You can switch between using a cotton ball and your hands as you apply every layer. Plus, it's better to pat the product into your face using your hands to really let your skin absorb every bit of the product in.
  1. Be careful when choosing your toners, Candy Girls! Alcohol-based toners can be harsh for your skin so opt for hydrating toners instead.

Are you willing to give the 7-skin method a shot?

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