This Is the Skin Care Step a Model Absolutely Never Skips

by Janelle Yau   |  Apr 15, 2017
Image: Kelsey Merritt |
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Models are not just great fashion pegs thanks to all the pretty dresses that they get to wear for shoots and runway shows, they also serve as the best go-to for beauty inspo because similarly, they get to try out trendiest beauty looks first! While it doesn't come as a surprise for us to see models looking really pretty on photos and during shows, it is surprising how they're able to keep their skin flawless, healthy, and naturally glowing even with all the makeup that they have to wear when they're off-duty!

If the US has Gigi Hadid and South Korea has Lee Sung Kyung, we can proudly say that we our very own Kelsey Merritt as our very own top model. And just like the rest of the models, Kelsey also has enviable, gorgeous skin regardless of whether she's shooting a campaign or simply walking around her school's campus. So when we got the chance to catch up with Kelsey, we knew we just had to ask her what the skin care step she absolutely never skips even after a major hell week in school.


"Definitely moisturizer," Kelsey spilled to "I can't stress this enough, but you have to moisturize all the time, whenever you can. Honestly, it really makes a huge difference for your skin!" With great skin like yours? We believe you, Kelsey!

Interview by Kaye Serrano 

What skin care step do you swear no girl should ever miss?

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